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Taking Care Of Your Wooden Floors With Water Damage

Hardwood floors, especially the original ones in older homes, add value to any home in Burlington. Not only are they beautiful, but they are durable as well. However, there is one thing that can cause wreak havoc on your wood floors and that is water damage. Standing water on hardwood floors is a bad combination […]

Water Damage Restoration Burlington

Causes Of Water Damage In Burlington

Water intrusion can be incredibly destructive. If the issue is not handled promptly, it can create long-term structural damage and health risks. Any kind of water ingress should not be left unattended. An immediate and adequate water damage restoration process conducted within 24 to 48 hours can protect your home and business from potential water […]

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Preventing Major Water Damage Restoration Costs To Your Home

Water damage can be stinky, expensive, inconvenient, unsafe, and stress-inducing. Luckily, it’s also mostly preventable! Money and time spent preventing floods and leaks is a great investment- it has a very high expected return. Think of it this way: if a water pressure monitor costs you $20 and an hour to install this weekend, and […]

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Knowing The Types Of Water Damage And Restoration Costs

When your home in Burlington needs water damage restoration, it is important to understand that not all water is the same. In fact, there are actually 3 different categories of water, and each one poses its own threats and requires specific steps and techniques to adequately remediate the problem. In order to keep you and […]

GW Savage On My Champlain Valley – How To Cleanup From Burst Pipes

Frozen pipes can burst and cause major headaches for homeowners and property owners. Learn what to do when you’re suddenly faced with a a water damage disaster and what steps you can take to limit the amount of damage to your property. Read the full article here.

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Dangers Of Attempting Water Damage Cleanup On Your Own

When it comes to water damage, many people think they can handle cleanup on their own. The truth is that the only way to guarantee adequate results for your Burlington home following water damage is to call in the professionals. Water damage compounds over time, and if not thoroughly cleaned and dried, will only lead […]