Fire Restoration Specialist vs Building Contractor

“After a fire at my home or business, should I hire a fire restoration company, or can my local contractor handle the job?”Building contractors are typically very competent at new construction. Unfortunately, before the new materials go into a home

Sewage Clean-Up? Leave That to the Professionals at G.W. Savage

Dangerously cold temps of a Vermont winter can lead to freezing pipes in your home.  Even worse, those pipes (if not tended to) can crack, break, and leak. If you end up with a broken pipe, that leakage could very

Vermont Ranked the Safest State in the US

With frequent news of terror or natural disaster,we all want to feel as safe as we possibly can. According to a recent study by, Vermont is the safest State to live in 2017. Maine came in at #2, New

Righting the Ship: The 1st Steps to Getting Back to Reality After a Flood

1) Be sure that you are taking care of your family and yourself. A flood of your home is certainly a traumatic experience, so you’ll need to be sure that while your home is in a temporary state of disarray,