Sewage Clean-Up? Leave That to the Professionals at G.W. Savage

Dangerously cold temps of a Vermont winter can lead to freezing pipes in your home.  Even worse, those pipes (if not tended to) can crack, break, and leak. If you end up with a broken pipe, that leakage could very

What Causes a Sewer Backup?

A number of our posts have discussion water damage, typically from a flood.  We’ve talked about cleaning the flooded areas, detecting moisture in the smallest of margins, and using an IICRC-certified restorer (like those of us here at G.W. Savage)

Should You Call On A Professional for Mold Cleanup?

Have you determined that you have mold in your home? Maybe the mold is visible on a wall, or perhaps you can smell the odor of mold hidden somewhere within the structure. Once you’ve located the mold, the question then