6 Tips and Tricks For When You Find Mold in Your Home

1. Don’t panic. Mold can happen in everyone’s home, especially in bathrooms or damp basements.2. Contact your insurance provider to find out if mold removal is covered under your policy. In most cases it will be, but it may depend

Mold Prevention in New Construction

In new construction of commercial or residential properties, mold can be a pesky nightmare. While moisture – and the potential for mold – is seemingly inevitable in some situations, there are a number of things that you can do to

Sewage Clean-Up? Leave That to the Professionals at G.W. Savage

Dangerously cold temps of a Vermont winter can lead to freezing pipes in your home.  Even worse, those pipes (if not tended to) can crack, break, and leak. If you end up with a broken pipe, that leakage could very

Hurricane Harvey: GW Savage Lending a Hand

As you may have seen in our recent social media updates (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), we have been doing our part down in Houston and surrounding areas to aide in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Our involvement currently is to

3 Things to Do When Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Fire

(1) Know that you do NOT have to navigate through the insurance process alone. We at G.W. Savage can walk with you step-by-step through the entire process. In fact, we are the preferred restoration contractor for just about every insurance