Autumn: The Weather Cools, Mold Allergies Heat Up

Ah, autumn — football returns, the leaves begin to change, and the temperature is much more comfortable than the heat of the summer.  There is one problem though for many homes and their homeowners: mold. With these cooler temperatures, but

Mold Prevention in New Construction

In new construction of commercial or residential properties, mold can be a pesky nightmare. While moisture – and the potential for mold – is seemingly inevitable in some situations, there are a number of things that you can do to

Not Feeling Well? Your Home Could Be Making You Ill

Scratchy throat? Runny nose? Cough, chills, slight fever?Sure, this time of year you could be battling allergies, or one of your little ones could bring home some sort of germ from their classroom.  Don’t be surprised though to learn that

Mold in Your Home: Smells, Signs, and Symptoms

Mold in your home can certainly pose a problem – for the house, your health, and yes, your wallet. By understanding and then discovering the signs of mold early, you can save yourself money, trouble, and even a trip to