Structure Cleaning and Decontamination

What to Expect from Structure Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Your property should be a safe and comfortable place, but sometimes unforeseen situations can threaten health and safety. G.W. Savage restoration professionals have the necessary tools and training to respond to contamination situations of many kinds. Returning the affected area to a safe and livable condition is our first priority.

icon_contentSmoke/Soot Cleaning

Avoid spreading soot throughout your home after a puff-back or misfiring furnace. G.W. Savage’s professional structure cleaning services will leave your building good as new through a specialized process that eliminate soot while avoiding streaks, stains, or smudges.

icon_contentSewage Cleaning & Decontamination

Whether you experience a sewage backup or flooding from an outside source, G.W. Savage can inspect and thoroughly clean the affected area. Our decontamination process alleviates the risk of serious illness from raw sewage. Learn more about our water damage cleanup services.

icon_contentOdor Removal

Only professional cleaning will eliminate odors after fire or smoke damage. G.W. Savage has the right equipment and training to remove odors. Don’t be fooled by the claims of odor-removal products on the market. Let the professionals handle odor removal.

icon_contentBiohazard Cleanup

Biohazard contaminants should be removed and cleaned as quickly as possible to eliminate the risk of illness. G.W. Savage can discreetly and compassionately restore the affected area to a safe, livable state. We handle removal, disinfection and deodorization of the site, and our technicians are trained to handle various delicate situations.

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ASA-1000: EPA-Registered Cleaning Solution Controls Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi

When it comes to decontaminating and disinfecting workplaces and schools, the cleaning agent needs to be tough on harmful pathogens while still being low in toxicity. At G.W. Savage, we use EPA-registered ASA-1000 for the highest level of decontamination using the safest ingredients possible.

Why We Use ASA-1000

  • Registered as safe for indoor use by the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Lower toxicity and 1,000 times fewer corrosive properties than bleach
  • The active ingredients Quaternary Ammonium Compound and Hydrogen Peroxide are paired with inert ingredients consisting mostly of water
  • Effective at controlling bacteria, viruses and mold for up to 90 days
  • High assurance of building decontamination with restored indoor air quality
  • Lab testing has proven ASA-1,000 to be effective at eradicating the viruses and bacteria that cause Swine Flu, Ecoli, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, MRSA and more

Protect employees, customers, and building occupants with regular cleaning and decontamination services provided by G.W. Savage.

For more information on ASA-1000 treatments, contact G.W. Savage here.