Disinfection Services

Enjoy Increased Health and Safety in Your Indoor Environment.

We Offer Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cleaning And Disinfecting Services To Fit Your Needs

Protect employees, customers, and building occupants with regular cleaning and decontamination services provided by G.W. Savage.


Phase I: Clean Touch Points

This phase involves cleaning and disinfecting primary surfaces. Common touch points include, but are not limited to, door knobs and locks, door push bars, door edges and jambs, stair and ramp hand railings, cupboard and drawer pulls, appliance handles, light switches, table and desktops, telephones, toilet seats handles, faucets, soap pumps, keyboards and mice, elevator buttons, and countertops. Touch points will also vary by the type of facility being cleaned. This phase should be chosen when due diligence is the expected result.

*Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. It does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.


Phase 2: Apply Disinfectant

Apply disinfectant to the many surfaces where viral contaminants may exist. Depending upon the facility and specific space, wall and floor surfaces shall be included in the application of the disinfectant. This phase may include the process of fogging the area in question to offer total coverage and peace of mind. Negative air machines may be used as well. This phase should be used when peace of mind and general public/employees well being are the primary concern.

*Disinfecting refers to using products, for example, EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.


Phase 3: Post-Work Evaluation

The combination of touch point cleaning and application of a disinfectant to other surfaces is a proven strategy to break the chain of infection. A white cloth shall be wiped over representative touch points that have been cleaned and should not reveal any discoloration or residue. Any visible debris deposited on the cloth (not disinfectant residue) indicates a need for re-cleaning of all touch points represented by the sample.


G.W Savage Corp will inspect and scope the property for cleaning to a desired outcome. We will provide a written scope, schedule, and estimate upon request. GWS uses an EPA registered botanical disinfectant that is non-toxic, biodegradable and VOC-free product engineered to combat viruses and bacteria. Before application, GWS will install containment around the areas in question if applicable.

Our Guarantee:

G.W Savage Corp is a trained and certified restoration company with experience in cleaning and disinfecting occupied spaces and structures. Our employees are OSHA trained pertaining to Stay Home/Stay Safe Orders.

Given the current state and unknown variables of viruses and specifically COVID-19, GWS will mitigate areas and makes no claims for sterile environments or preventing any persons from acquiring Coronavirus, COVID-19 or any other illness.

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Re-Occupancy Plan

Are You Ready To Reopen?

When Preparing your facility and interim operations for you day to day return with the serious responsibility of protecting your employees and customers’ health, it is important to consider the following.

1: Cleaning & Disinfection

Prior to re-occupancy, and periodically thereafter, it may be necessary to clean and apply and EPA registered disinfectant to interior occupied spaces and furnishings.


2: Risk Management

Focus on breaking the chain of transmission by maintaining a healthy environment. Signage will be supplied confirming EPA cleaning and disinfection.


3: Certified Specialists

Usa an IICRC Certified trained firm to provide the right cleaning solutions, EPA registered disinfectants, equipment and supervision.


4: Reduce Downtime

Our cleaning services and application of an EPA registered disinfectant at your facility will help reduce the risk of infection or illness, cross contamination and downtime in your business.


5: Ongoing Partnership

We can provide cleaning services and products to help maintain your operations keeping your employees, tenants, customers, and guests safe.

About Our Products

ASA-1000: EPA-Registered Cleaning Solution Controls Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi

When it comes to decontaminating and disinfecting workplaces and schools, the cleaning agent needs to be tough on harmful pathogens while still being low in toxicity. At G.W. Savage, we use EPA-registered ASA-1000 for the highest level of decontamination using the safest ingredients possible.

Why We Use ASA-1000?

Just wanted to let you all know how impressed we were with your operation. Redstone is a growing company so it's very reassuring that as we grow there are great options for us in the property management business.

Lee was fantastic as an ambassador for GW I found his presentation thought provoking and very relatable. I had a nice talk with him on the break about his wild enthusiasm! I can relate to his creativity and learning through experience. No day is ever the same.

I will make sure to tell the managers at Redstone about the event, thank you for having us.

- Brad Sargent – Redstone Commercial Tech

I had a difficult situation with an unexpected water damage at 3am. They showed up and help me to turn off the water and find the leak. They walked me through the insurance claims process and got my house all back together. Recommend!

- Matthew Sharpe

"The 'tearing apart' and 'putting together' of my water damaged house in Richford has now been virtually completed by your company. I have enjoyed occupying it for the last month and I take great pleasure in its new attractiveness, which is due to the work of your staff. On the whole, I have been very pleased with the accessibility, reliability and workmanship of your staff."

- Greta, Homeowner
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Protect Yourself & Others

Contracting a virus and exposing others have been common concerns since COVID-19. As we continue fighting this pandemic, the need for consistent sanitation in our homes and buildings is important.

Maintaining a clean home and business environment can bring peace of mind while promoting health and safety. Not only are disinfection services encouraged, but they are required in many places. At G.W. Savage, we want you to feel safe in your indoor environment and combat the spread of germs.