6 Tips and Tricks For When You Find Mold in Your Home

1. Don’t panic. Mold can happen in everyone’s home, especially in bathrooms or damp basements.2. Contact your insurance provider to find out if mold removal is covered under your policy. In most cases it will be, but it may depend

Mold Prevention in New Construction

In new construction of commercial or residential properties, mold can be a pesky nightmare. While moisture – and the potential for mold – is seemingly inevitable in some situations, there are a number of things that you can do to

Vermont Ranked the Safest State in the US

With frequent news of terror or natural disaster,we all want to feel as safe as we possibly can. According to a recent study by wallethub.com, Vermont is the safest State to live in 2017. Maine came in at #2, New

Quick Tips #1: Watch for Water Damage & Mold in Your Bathroom

Always make sure that your bathroom’s fan is in working order. The exhaust is a necessity when it comes to keeping the space at low humidity levels.  If the fan is broken, or there isn’t one, the area could potentially