Vendor Facts For Insurance Companies

If you are an insurance company whose customers may require home restoration or repairs, what company do you recommend? Do you recommend the same company to every customer in need? Do you recommend the company that costs the least? What is the best way to decide what vendors you want to recommend? 

What Is A “Preferred Vendor?”

Rather than recommending the restoration companies known to be the best by insurance companies, some companies will choose to recommend vendors that are willing to cut corners to lower costs. Insurance companies do this to create more competition and drive up insurance claims. If these “preferred vendors” are recommended, it is likely not in the best interest of the customers. 

Unfortunately, struggling restoration companies will try to keep their costs low to get more customers. They will also use cheaper materials. Their work will not meet the needs of the job, and it is the customer who receives the recommendation for these “preferred vendors” who suffers.

Sometimes insurance companies worry that recommending the strongest restoration services will fall flat with their customers and not meet their expectations. If that happens, they worry the blame will come back to them, even though their recommendations have worked wonderfully 99% of the time. 

Who Do You Choose To Recommend?

If you are an insurance company recommending a restoration service to help with someone’s home repairs, do you choose the cheapest option? Or do you choose the companies that have been around for a long time and have proven their knowledge and skills are superior? 

You are the “trusted advisor” for your customers. Telling them they should choose a restoration company that will meet their needs and do the best work is the most responsible thing to do. They deserve the best service available. Don’t let your customers go with companies that are willing to cut corners and deliver subpar results. Our company, GW Savage, is one of the most trusted companies that can help any customer, either residential or commercial, with their restoration or mold needs.