Understanding The Water Damage Restoration Process

water damage cleanup rutlandWhenever a property owner experiences water damage to their property whether it be from a natural disaster or a water leak somewhere in the pipes, we at GW Savage know how overwhelming it can be! 

Water Damage Cleanup In Rutland

When a person has experienced water damage to their property, it can be tough trying to know how to navigate what steps need to be taken next. When there has been excessive water damage to your property, it can be difficult and emotionally taxing to navigate. Knowing the steps to restore and clean up the property will help guide you through the entire water damage restoration process. Here are some beneficial tips for a water damage cleanup if you’re finding yourself in the process of restoring your property.

The first step in the water damage restoration process is to assess the property damage. A water damage inspection should be conducted to identify and assess where the water damage is originating from, the water contamination category, and the water damage class. When the damage is properly evaluated, it will provide feedback to help determine to what extent damage has been done. It will also inform you of the next step to restore the property back to its original pre-water-damaged state. 

Once the evaluation has been conducted, any and all standing water should be removed, this standing water can also be known as stagnant water. Removing the stagnant water can be done through a process called extraction. Extractors should include industrial vacuums and submersible pumps. After all standing water has been removed, the surface water should then be removed through portable wet/dry vacuums to ensure that no harmful bacteria or pathogens can grow. After these measures have been taken, any water and residue left over should be removed and any water damage sustained should be taken care of by dehumidifiers. This restoration and clean-up process can be incredibly time-consuming and emotionally draining but when done correctly and thoroughly, you can be confident that the job will be done well!

Once the standing and surface water has been removed, replacing and repairing anything salvageable is recommended. Once done, using dehumidifiers to dry all of the areas that have been damaged by the water is vital to your health and the integrity of the property. Afterward, conducting a thorough cleaning to prevent mold growth or building should be prioritized. From there, thorough sanitation is recommended to follow. 

While we know it can be tempting to do all of this yourself, we have found the process that is involved and how emotionally overwhelming it is when going through your things is taxing to your mental health. This kind of process is always recommended to have a team of experts to help you have an effective water damage cleanup process. Here at GW Savage, we pride ourselves on our experience in being both effective and efficient throughout the whole water damage cleanup process. If you or someone you know are in Morgantown or the surrounding areas are in need of water restoration services give us a call today!