Causes Of Water Damage In Burlington

Water Damage Restoration BurlingtonWater intrusion can be incredibly destructive. If the issue is not handled promptly, it can create long-term structural damage and health risks. Any kind of water ingress should not be left unattended.

An immediate and adequate water damage restoration process conducted within 24 to 48 hours can protect your home and business from potential water damage effects. If you have suffered water damage, you landed in the right place.

Go ahead; this guide is for you!

The Process Of Water Damage Restoration Burlington – Three Stages

Water damages are sudden and wreaking havoc on the property. If such damages are left untreated, they can create structural damage and health hazards. Therefore, immediate action can save you and your money. 

Whatever the culprit of water damage is, restoration and reparations are necessary. The most reliable stages are discussed below:

Stage 1: Additional Water Extraction

In the first stage of water damage restoration, the first step is to remove as much standing water as possible. Multiple methods can be adopted to instantly take off the water, such as mopping with rags or towels, using buckets, dehumidifiers, and large commercial fans, and opening windows to let the air circulate the moisture through evaporation. Towels on top of puddles can also absorb the excess liquid. But all-in-all, portable water extractors make water extraction quick and simple. 

Once the excess water is removed, in-depth water damage restoration will begin. This simple step makes restoring water damage more efficient and successful. 

Stage 2: Demolition & Debris Removal

Now the time is to remove the items affected by water damage, including carpeting or carpet padding. The fire and water restoration service providers can help eliminate the materials that can pose risks to human health, such as drywall, insulation, or other material that has been prone to stagnant water for more than 48 hours.

Drying Out

Next, the contractor’s task is to strategically remove the moisture and dry the property by arranging the air fans, positioning dehumidifiers, or using other methods (depending on the affected area). Proper drying methods can dry out the property in just a few days.

Stage 3: Content Restoration & Reconstruction

After eliminating water damaged and contaminated materials, dehumidifiers and disinfectants are used. Our restoration process will also remove salvageable content, hard goods, photos, textiles, and many other things – these can be taken off-site to restore. Not every home item can be saved, but experienced contractors try to save much of the content. 

After the completion of water damage cleanup, there are steps to incorporate additional ventilation, using mold-resistant paints, choosing floors that can withstand moisture, and using drywall that can resist water damage.

After verifying the dryness, the construction company can reconstruct the removed building structures. This includes plumbing, electrical, finish materials, drywall, etc., which can help you through the entire process. 

Water Mitigation: Why Is It Necessary

Whether it is flood damage, a burst pipe, or any other potential cause, water damage needs prompt and effective mitigation to prevent further spread or property damage. 

Water mitigation is more than just cleaning and drying the property. It includes many considerable factors, like treating porous materials (e.g., carpet or drywall), preserving the property’s structural integrity, decontamination, etc. If property contents are left untreated or damp, bacteria can cause future problems.

Why You Should Call GW Savage Emergency Restoration Specialists

Water damage incidents are highly upsetting as they can cause massive loss to the property. Thus, it is necessary to hire an experienced company to deal with such adverse and alarming situations. GW Savage is a company with a professional team that can quickly respond to your one call and provides you with top-notch water damage services to prevent further mishaps. 

GW Savage offers start-to-finish restoration solutions with the highest possible customer service. Moreover, the company also ensures real-time updates to customers and their insurance companies.

All the technicians of GW Savage Corporation are qualified experts and certified to use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to dry and clean your facility as quickly and completely as possible. Our goal is to get your property the same as before the damage!

If you want any restoration services—yes, any—then you can confidently contact the team at GW Savage.