Areas of Your Home Most Susceptible to Water Damage

water damage cleanup rutlandWater damage in your Rutland home is far easier to restore when you detect the damage early than when you discover it after a long time. Water damage cleanup is a time-sensitive procedure, meaning an unnoticed leak could cause substantial damage to your house. Water damage can happen in any room of your house. The damage can be from a leaking roof, resulting from a major thunderstorm to a burst pipe of a faulty appliance. However, some areas in your household are more likely to be affected by water damage than others. Here are the areas that tend to be more prone to water damage.

1. The Bathroom

Since there is so much water in the bathroom, it is prone to water damage. A broken or malfunctioning water heater, clogged tubs and toilets, and leaking faucets can all cause water damage inside the bathroom. A damaged drain valve might cause a water heater to leak. Improper sealing can cause leaks in showers and faucets. All of these issues can contribute to water damage in the bathroom, mainly to the flooring and subflooring. To prevent water damage and cleanup costs in your home, look for signs of leaks regularly, such as discoloration on the floors and walls. Mold can also grow in your bathroom. Ensure it is properly ventilated.

2. The Kitchen

Your kitchen can suffer from water damage due to the contents it consists of. There are refrigerators, sinks, and dishwashers. Water damage in a house is most commonly caused by these components. Your sink contains all the pipes that can clog or break, resulting in water damage. The refrigerator and dishwasher tend to break down and cause significant water damage to your flooring, cabinets, and walls. Check these appliances regularly. If you see any traces of a leak, ensure you inspect it and repair it immediately.

3. The Laundry Room

The washing machine is one of the most important appliances to a house owner. However, it could be the source of laundry room water damage. Unfortunately, washers can break down. Flood damage from your machine can be due to broken or old pipes or hoses, which can result in costly water damage cleanup. You can avoid laundry room water damage if you pay attention to the performance of your washer. Make sure to replace any pipes that are torn or broken. If your drain pipe is clogged, clear it out.

4. The Basement

The basement contains several possible water damage sources, including the sump pump, HVAC system, and a hot water tank. All of these components, if they break down, can potentially cause severe water damage in your basement. Furthermore, basements can suffer foundation cracks, allowing water from outside to flow in. To avoid water from causing damage to your basement, make sure you go down there on a regular basis. Inspect it, as well as the equipment there, for any possible causes of water damage.

Call for Water Damage Cleanup in Rutland

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