Rutland Water Damage Cleanup Companies Help With Damage From Leaky Faucets

water damage cleanup rutlandOf course, every house has a kitchen sink. Most homes have two or three bathrooms, some with double vanity. Upscale remodels might even include a prep sink, outdoor kitchen, or an exclusive dog washing bathtub.

The average American home has so many facets, spigots, and plumbing fixtures. That means a lot of opportunities for dripping. A serious faucet leak can waste up to 30 gallons of water a day. And even worse, any excess water has the opportunity to cause water damage to your home. 

Rutland Water Damage Cleanup Companies Help With Damage From Leaky Faucets

Leaks are often caused by the seats and springs that control water flow and temperature. Knowing the common causes can help you lookout for potential problems. When you suspect trouble, call GW Savage in Rutland for water damage cleanup. 

A Worn Out or Broken Washer

The most common cause is also the simplest fix– changing out a broken washer.  Plastic or rubber washers rest against the valve seat they wear out over time. Or if a washer is the wrong size or not installed properly, it can also leak. 

Damaged Cartridges

Faucets with one handle for hot water and another for cold is a cartridge-style faucets. The plastic cartridge is a valve on each handle that controls the flow of the water into the faucet spout. If your faucet is dripping water, it could be a cracked or clogged cartridge. 

With this system, the inlet and outlet seals can wear out. You might need a plumber to come clear out the sediment from the faucet seals, you might need to have him replace the cartridges.   

Malfunctioning O-ring

O-rings are small discs that are attached to the stem screw to hold the handle of the faucet in place so it doesn’t “wiggle.”  An O-ring creates a seal with the sink or parts of the faucet. Just like washers, they get worn out, get loose, and cause leaks near the handles.  

Corroded Valve Seat

A valve seat connects the faucet and the spout. If your faucet drips water after it is shut off, or leaks from the spout, then it could be the valve seat. Sediment from hard water can build up and corrode the seat, causing a leak.  

Water Pressure Problems

If you notice that the faucet in your bathroom only drips water during certain times or when your faucet’s handles move a certain way, then it could be your home’s water pressure that is causing the leaks. That is a problem for a plumber to address, then for GW Savage to fix any damaged wood, sheetrock, or floors or cabinets that have been ruined.  

Cleanup and Repairing The Damage

When the representatives from GW Savage arrive, they will inspect above, below, and all around the leaky area. Not only are they looking for matter that was damaged by water over time, but they are also looking for areas that have mold. 

They will create a plan and share the projected schedule with you. The goal is to repair your home, keep your family safe, and complete the job as soon as possible. Expect professional behavior, a clean job site, and matching finishes when they are done. 

For Water Damage Cleanup In Rutland

If your sinks, toilets, tubs, or appliances have caused water damage in your home, call the experts in Rutland. GW Savage cleanup professionals have the necessary tools and training to respond to water damage and contamination situations. For more than two decades, they have provided full-service commercial and residential restoration services in Vermont, Northern New York, and Western New Hampshire.