Fire Damage Cleanup Burlington: When Kitchen Fires Strike

fire damage cleanup burlingtonMaybe it was some paper towel remnants in the oven. Or a dirty toaster. Or even a worn electrical cord on the crockpot. Fire can destroy wood cabinets, stain the ceilings, and mar the counters.  When your kitchen suffers a fire disaster, you might consider cleaning the mess on your own – but that isn’t always the best option. The fire damage cleanup professionals in Burlington at GW Savage have seen it all and know why DIY just doesn’t do the trick. 

Fire Damage Cleanup Burlington Professionals And Why It’s Not Ok To DIY

Kitchen smoke damage is usually accompanied by a lot of soot. When a fire happens in your kitchen, the smoke and soot do not contain in that one room. Soot and smoke damage can spread throughout the home and in areas you wouldn’t consider, like inside cabinets and drawers. One thing that people don’t often realize is how devastating lingering soot can be to your home and the contents inside your home. If not cleaned up properly, soot can etch into glass, leaving permanent damage.

Lingering soot and smoke cannot be cleaned up without professional equipment and professional techniques that are trained by those who are getting licensed and certified to professionally clean up after fire damage. Kitchen fires are especially hazardous because of the type of fires that start in kitchens. Grease fires and chemical fires can leave toxins in the air that can be hazardous for people and animals to breathe.  

For situations where light soot residue is left on a wall – like a tiny candle fire – you can probably wash that off with detergent and warm water. But when kitchen fires are more extensive – DIY fire damage cleanup is not the right solution. 

Fire Damage Cleanup When Firefighting Is Involved

Another fire damage situation to consider are those larger fires that require firefighters to put out the flames. In this type of disaster, it is not just fire damage that needs to be cleaned up, but also water damage. If the water was left lingering around the home for a period of time, mold could also be an issue. However, professional water and fire damage restoration companies are able to completely recover your home for all of the damage. There is no need to contact more than one company. GW Savage is equipped to handle all of it and restore your home to pre-loss condition. 

What Do The Professionals Do Differently?

Restoration professionals have access to industry-grade fans, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers to get rid of the odors. They also use high-level skills and certified training to clean damaged areas and contents the correct way so that mold does not become a future issue and so your home is safe once again.

Soot is powdery or flaky and can easily get into your body and cause respiratory problems. Fire damage cleanup professionals use personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves and your household safe. It can be dangerous to enter a fire-damaged property without the right protective gear. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Burlington

G.W. Savage in Burlington handles every aspect of a fire loss in your kitchen. Every home disaster site will require a different level of service– depending on the scope of loss. Count on experienced project managers to help you quickly and efficiently get your home (and your stress level) back to normal. For more than two decades, they have provided IICRC-certified fire damage restoration services in Vermont.