Preventing Major Water Damage Restoration Costs To Your Home

water damage restoration burlington, water damage burlington, water damage repair burlingtonWater damage can be stinky, expensive, inconvenient, unsafe, and stress-inducing. Luckily, it’s also mostly preventable! Money and time spent preventing floods and leaks is a great investment- it has a very high expected return. Think of it this way: if a water pressure monitor costs you $20 and an hour to install this weekend, and saves you $1000 later by preventing a burst pipe, that’s one of the best hourly wages you’ll ever make! Check out tip #1 for more information on that.  Below are tips to avoid major water damage restoration costs: 

Water Damage Restoration In Burlington

  1. Monitor your water pressure. Water pressure that is too high can cause unnecessary stress on your pipes, increasing the likelihood of cracks and leaks. You can purchase a water pressure monitor that can be self installed online, or at a hardware store. 
  2. Prepare for time away from home. If you’re going to be away for a weekend or longer, turn off the water supply to your home. 30 seconds spent doing that could save you thousands of dollars on restorative expenses!
  3. Take care of your roof, downspouts, and gutters. Make sure there aren’t dents or masses of leaves of other garden matter blocking gutters. Standing water can erode your gutters or roof and cause serious water damages. Make sure that downspouts point away from your home. 
  4. Pay attention to your appliances. Regularly inspect them and replace things where needed. It is so much cheaper to replace a brittle appliance hose now that it will be to clean up a laundry room flood 5 months down the line. Cracking, brittleness, discoloration, moisture, funky odors or bulging are all signs that you’re walking a fine line.
  5. Watch your water bill. Perhaps your sister and kids are coming for a week next month, or you’ve been filling a blow-up swimming pool every day for the last week. Situations like these represent an increase in water use, and you’ll see them reflected in your water bill. If you have a sudden increase in water bill that can’t be explained, you could have a leak somewhere in your home. Call your water company to see if there’s an explanation on their end for the increased bill, then go to work looking for the source of the extra water use. 
  6. Insulate your pipes. Freezing pipes are one of the leading causes of water damage. While you’re thinking about it, right now is a perfect time to ensure that your pipes are taken care of. You can handle this endeavor with professional help, or you can tackle it yourself; there are products on the market such as heat-insulating tape that you can generally find at your local home-improvement store

Follow these tips to take care of your home and avoid preventable water damage emergencies. You’ll thank us later! Of course, if you’re here on our site because you’ve already incurred water damage, we’ve got answers for you too. Be sure to call GW Savage Restoration for water damage emergencies in Burlington for quick, safe, efficient, and full restoration of your space.