Preparing Burlington For Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

fire damage restoration burlington vt, fire damage repair burlington vt, fire damage cleanup burlington vtMost people know of a relative, friend, or acquaintance that has suffered through the unimaginable experience of having a home fire. In 2019, local fire departments responded to an estimated 1.3 million fires with a home structure fire being reported every 93 seconds.

Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair In Burlington

Property damage from fires was estimated at $14.8 billion. Fire departments protecting populations under 2,500 had the highest rate of fires, a significant statistic considering our area’s dispersed population. While we should always be vigilant in our efforts to prevent house fires, we can also prepare for the unimaginable by conducting the following tasks.

*Conduct an Annual Insurance Check-Up*

Call your agent or insurance company annually to discuss your policy limits and coverage. Make sure your policy reflects the correct square footage and features in your home. Consider purchasing building code upgrade coverage. Remember, most fire and smoke damage events are covered by insurance provided you meet the requirements. If your fire damage coverage requires routine maintenance and checks, contact a local Burlington official who can help with the maintenance.

*Know What Your Policy Covers*

Understand if you have a replacement cost policy that pays to replace all your items at the current market price or an actual cash value policy that takes depreciation into account and pays less for older items. When a fire damage cleanup and repair company comes in to help, they can help you sort through the irreparable items and the items that may be able to be restored.

*Update Your Policy to Cover Home Improvements*

If you make home improvements; be sure to call your agent or company to update your coverage. Make sure your insurer knows about the changes, so the new countertops, floors, or room are covered if you must rebuild. A restoration company like GW Savage in Burlington, VT can help get your home back to pre-loss condition following a fire – so make sure any upgrades are current with your insurance company.

*Maintain Insurance*

If your home is paid off, be sure to maintain homeowner insurance. Without insurance, would you have the money to rebuild your home? The insurance covers a lot of different fire disaster events. Stay financially protected by maintaining the fire damage repair coverage.

*Get Renters Insurance*

Renters can lose everything in a fire and be left to start over.

Video or photograph each room of your home, including your garage. Remember to document drawers and closets. Describe your home’s contents in your video. Mention the price you paid, where and when you bought the item. Remember to note important or expensive items. Video your electronics, appliances, sports equipment, TVs, computers, tablets. Save receipts for major purchases. Store key documents in the cloud or fireproof case. Keep home inventory offsite or in the cloud.

Burlington, VT is no stranger to fire damage. Home and business owners have suffered losses from minimal to extreme. Burlington, VT is home to a certified and experienced fire damage cleanup and repair crew that can quickly help restore your property back to pre-loss condition. If you suffer a disaster, don’t forget to call GW Savage for help.