Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Consideration: Finding Help When Time Is Money

commercial water damage restoration burlington vt, commercial water damage repair burlington vt, commercial water damage cleanup burlington vtAll commercial buildings are different: age of structure, type of plumbing and building materials used in the structure, but each is at risk of facing water damage. Some Burlington VT buildings have historic architecture dating to the 1700s. In Vermont, harsh winters create additional risks to your property. 

Even small problems, like minor roof or pipe leaks, can lead to the spread of water damage and even mold growth. With damage like this, the value of your commercial property can quickly decrease without quick action. You need a local crew, experienced with commercial water damage cleanup when you face a crisis. 

Simply knowing the basic first steps during an emergency can prevent the damage from spreading further, save thousands of dollars, and get you back to work sooner.  In preparation: find the turnoff valves, create an evacuation plan, protect valuable documents/ inventory/ raw materials. And also have the number of a local water damage cleanup team stored on your cell phone.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup In Burlington VT

Choosing the best restoration contractor for your commercial space ensures that your loss will be repaired according to the highest industry benchmarks. Save time and money by choosing the proper contractor to avoid secondary loss such as structural instability or microbial growth. Following the highest Standard of Care for commercial water damage restoration gets you back to business and protects your structure, customers, employees, and reputation.

Factors To Consider:

Before you have a water damage cleanup emergency, do some research to find a partner that you can call for immediate support. When screening candidates, ask if the contractor has:

  • Staff available immediately to address the urgent need?  
  • Staff available to return after business hours if needed?
  • Enough commercial capacity air movers, blowers, dehumidifiers to complete the entire project at one time?
  • Verifiable commercial references?
  • Proper liability insurance?
  • Support through the insurance claim process with documentation protocols?
  • The latest technology for detecting moisture (infrared cameras, moisture detectors, etc.)
  • Current training or certification through a reputable certification program?

In addition, a reliable, experienced water damage cleanup company will offer you a complete, accurate assessment of your property’s damage, the repairs that need to be made, and a reliable estimate of costs so you’ll be equipped to make good decisions about how you want to proceed.

A water disaster at your business can be stressful and a huge financial hit; a trustworthy, compassionate restoration team can make the process of getting business life “back to normal” easier. This can include everything from offering secure storage of your property on site while it is restored, working with your business deadlines, and prompt assistance with every question you may have.

Additional Virus Considerations

In this uncertain time, count on GW Savage to keep your workspaces and your workers safe. Your team members have enough on their plate right now. Contract with Burlington VT’s trusted commercial restoration and decontamination team to control bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When it comes to disinfecting workplaces and schools, the cleaning agent needs to be tough on harmful pathogens while still being low in toxicity. Our team uses EPA-registered ASA-1000 for the highest level of decontamination using the safest ingredients possible.

The ASA-1000 product family is registered as safe for indoor use by the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.) It offers lower toxicity and 1,000 times fewer corrosive properties than bleach while effective at controlling bacteria, viruses and mold for up to 90 days Lab testing has proven ASA-1,000 to be effective at eradicating the viruses and bacteria that cause Swine Flu, E Coli, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, MRSA and more.

GW Savage water damage cleanup professionals have the necessary tools and training to respond to water damage and contamination situations in commercial settings. For more than two decades. We have provided full-service commercial and residential restoration services in Vermont, Northern New York and Western New Hampshire.