Labor Day Weekend is a Good Fall Cleaning Weekend

Labor Day weekend is upon us and the long weekend can be a perfect time to clean and declutter your home and garage.

Clutter and mess often have a way of creeping back into the house after spring cleaning and a busy summer (even one where we were in our homes more often than not!). Here are some tips to make Labor Day weekend your fall cleanup weekend:

Work One Space at a Time >> If your home has been amassing clutter and ‘stuff’, try to break the cleanup process into smaller chunks which will make the work easier to manage. Focus on one room or space at a time rather than thinking to take on the entire house cleanup at one.

Organize the Garage >>  The start of September is a good time to start putting away all the summer items taking up space in the garage, such as summer kid’s toys or beach chairs.  You could even test your fall and winter equipment to make sure that they are still working properly, as it can be much easier to check and fix something in the warmer months!

Get Rid of Unwanted Things >> Have an article of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore? An appliance that you replaced with a newer model? Drop off household goods and clothing to the nearest Goodwill or other charitable organization. Early September is also a good opportunities to host a garage or yard sale before it gets colder out!

Remember Your Lawn Too >> Autumn is a good time to aerate and/or over-seed the lawn. Clean-up any leaves, sticks and other debris littering the lawn which will – as always – help to give your home fresh, new curb appeal.

Lastly, make sure to save a little time to relax this holiday weekend! This is a time dedicated to giving hardworking Americans like us a bit of a break for all your hard work throughout the year.