COVID-19 Virus Updates

We at G.W. Savage, like all of you, have been watching the COVID-19 virus updates and concerns closely, and we are monitoring the CDC, WHO and other agencies precautions and updates. Our team is committed to remaining open and available 24/7 to assist you in a time of need for whatever disaster may occur.

We do ask that if you are sick when in need of our services, please notify us when contacting us. Furthermore, please note that we are able to disinfect your homes and businesses, please see the URL and info below and call us at 800 684-0404 with any questions you may have.

  •  What to Expect from Structure Cleaning and Decontamination Services
  •  You may have seen it in a recent Facebook post, but we do have ASA-1000. This unique cleaning system has been proven in independent lab testing to be effective in eradicating the following organisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses, like the Coronavirus.
  • We also utilize Morantz Ultrasonic for deep cleaning as well as Ozone treatment and Thermal fogging of buildings. And yes, we also do good old fashioned wiping!