Cleaning with Morantz Ultrasonic

Our next series of blog posts are going to focus on cleaning (especially useful as we head closer to spring, and those ‘spring cleaning’ days).

G.W. Savage cleans just about everything! We clean properties from fire, mold, and other traumas. Staff is certified in several cleaning specialties, and we continually update their training with current class offerings! Our cleaning of homes, offices, and more is both by conventional method as well as through the ultra-sonic, which is our feature for this blog installment.

In 1991, Stan Morantz needed a way to clean his golf clubs and went on to invent and patent a process that used high frequency sound. His father had owned a drapery business, and when sales declined, Morantz suggested they start selling blinds. Eventually, customers came back and inquired on how to clean the blinds. Mortanz took his club cleaning process and expanded it to create a blind cleaning machine, the first device to use ultrasound and water to clean dirt and other contaminants.

When we utilize the Morantz Ultrasonic products and cleaning systems we are able to clean items “faster, more effectively, and more efficiently than any other method” (which is precisely what Stan was going for!). Ultrasonic cleaning is exactly as it sounds – it is the application of sound, or acoustics, to the cleaning process. The systems use the unique properties of sound waves to make cleaning with sound possible. The ultrasonics technology controls the sound and focuses it on dirt and contaminated areas of an object.

The ultrasonic products work so well because they are amazingly efficient. The process is easy to use, safe for the environment, and reduces labor costs. It is also safe and gentle – it will not scratch, pit or damage the items that need cleaning. Scrubbing or soaking in chemicals cannot guarantee the same safe treatment.
Morantz Ultrasonics makes cleaning systems for many different purposes. G.W. Savage can use the system to clean blinds, decorative house wares, electronics, and more!