Prepare Your Home for High Winds

Last week, fall activities like apple picking and leaf-peeping were put on the shelf for a few days as a nor’easter brought rain and winds of up to 40 mph to Vermont.

While our part of the country isn’t known for tremendously high winds, winds at the reported speeds can be very destructive. National Weather Service reported that high winds were responsible for more than $4 billion in property damage just a few years ago.

As a homeowner, completing a few standard maintenance items before storms occur will help to ensure that your house is ready to withstand driving winds. Our list of five tasks is a great start in preparing your home for the winds of any nor’easter.

1 – Check the trees on your property and around your home, inspecting for loose, dead, or damaged branches. No one wants a branch or limb crashing down on (or even through) the ceiling or wall of their home!

2 – Inspect the roof of your home. High winds can wreak havoc on your roof (which could then – in turn – lead to water damage and mold in your home) — by checking your roof and then maintaining loose shingles, damaged portions, and bare areas, your roof will be less susceptible to high winds.

3 – Check and double check the weather stripping on your windows and doors. Weather stripping will work to keep wind and drafts from sneaking into your home, and will make it so that heat isn’t sneaking out of your home!

4 – Consider reinforcing your windows with storm shutters, or even plywood (if the winds are to be exceptionally strong). Reinforcing windows will not only keep your home (and what’s it in) safe, but you can also gather homeowners insurance discounts as well.

5 – With any damage from wind or storms, do not hesitate to reach out to the team here at G.W. Savage!