Autumn: The Weather Cools, Mold Allergies Heat Up

Ah, autumn — football returns, the leaves begin to change, and the temperature is much more comfortable than the heat of the summer.  

There is one problem though for many homes and their homeowners: mold. With these cooler temperatures, but higher humidity, mold is ripe for growth. So how can you make sure your home is as ‘mold-proof’ as it possibly can be in the fall?  Here are six steps you can take to reduce your mold, and the allergy symptoms that accompany it:

  1. Have a fan running in your home. The moving air will reduce stagnant moisture, reducing the likelihood of molds.
  2. Don’t forget to run the ventilation fan when you shower! Keep it running until the shower is dry.
  3. Fix any leaking faucets or pipes, which will be a source of moisture for mold to grow. Check beneath your sinks — any stains beneath pipes suggest a leak or drip. Have it repaired if need be to remove a potential source of mold growth.
  4. Have you turned on your furnace yet? Be sure to change your furnace filters! Filters will accumulate mold spores and other toxic debris, so be sure to change those out.
  5. Use a HEPA-Filtered vacuum cleaner. This is an efficient way to eliminate many mold spores from the flooring in your home.
  6. Contact the team here at G.W. Savage! We specialize in stopping mold at the source, cleaning and decontaminating the affected area, and taking measures to prevent more mold growth.