10 Things Homeowners Should Do To Be Prepared For An Emergency

1. Make an emergency evacuation plan that establishes a dedicated meeting place outside of the home.
2. In the event of a major weather event like a hurricane that causes a loss of power, make sure you have a battery-powered radio with plenty of spare batteries.
3. Prepare an emergency kit complete with water, nonperishable food, pet food and supplies, matches, extra clothes and blankets, wipes and hand sanitizer, and extra cash.
4. Have at least one first-aid kit readily accessible to all members of your household, including small children.
5. Have utility company (or other restoration service company) phone numbers available and easily accessible.
6. Invest in cell phone rechargeable battery packs to keep cell phones powered in the event of a lengthy power outage.
7. Have everyone in your home know how and when to turn of the water, gas, electricity at the main switches or valves.
8. Make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on each level of your home, especially in or new bedrooms.
9. Invest in a flood/fire safe deposit box to keep important records/documents.
10. Create and keep an inventory or record of your possessions to help you claim reimbursements in case of loss or damage.