Cleaning Snow Off of Your Roof

Every year the northeast experiences its fair share of snowstorms, and the snow covers everything. It’s beautiful, but it can be problematic. Have you ever shoveled your driveway and thought, “Jeez this snow is heavy.” Each shovelful getting heavier and heavier. Now imagine that amount of weight accumulated on your roof. Now imagine all that snow melting. Where does that water go when it melts? What if your gutters are clogged with leaves? There are plenty of possibilities for problems.

Professional roof top snow removers are an option, and they may be the safest option, however it can be costly, starting at around $350.00. Want to save the money and not spend that every big snowstorm? We at GW Savage suggest the purchase of a roof rake. You can buy one online or in a home improvement store. Most models extent 15-25 feet. It is the rare occurrence that the heavy snow collapses your roof, finding its way into your bedroom, giving you that skylight open to sky you likely never wanted. But the real culprit you want to remove from your roof is the water. Melting and refreezing repeatedly is the perfect recipe for damage to your shingles, your chimney, your flashing – and it all will lead to water damage that will amount to a costly fix later on.

If you have cleaned your gutters and know your system is clear and working properly drawing water away from your house, we may also suggest RoofMelt. RoofMelt tablets are designed to melt the ice on your roof – just toss some up onto your roof and let them work.

Our last suggestion – don’t wait to the last minute to get winter supplies. Leading up to and right after a storm, stores will likely see a surge in customers all looking for the same thing. Best to be prepared before the snow falls.