5 Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry!

Ensure That Water Flows Away From the House
Check to see that the ground around the foundation of your home slopes away from it.  You especially want to confirm that there is no standing water or puddles formed around the foundation.

Install Gutters and Downspouts
Make sure that your home has an efficient system for collecting rain water and melted snow. Downspouts should be at least 5-feet away from the building structure, and water is to be directed a safe distance away from the house.

Use Water Resistant Paint
Moisture and condensation in basements can at times cause the interior walls to “weep”. Prevent this issue by using water resistant paint on the basement walls.

Use a Dehumidifier
A dehumidifier is a great for absorbing excess moisture from your basement (as basements can be incredibly humid). Depending on the size of space (and amount of moisture), you may need more than one dehumidifier to provide solid results.

Install Metal Window Wells for Basement Windows
Basement windows can collect and retain water it if they are not properly constructed. Metal window wells covered with pebbles or gravel prevent water retention and seepage through window frames to the basement walls.

Reference: doityourself.com