Homeowner Tasks at the Start of Summer

We asked a number of Vermont residents what they do in and around their homes when the summer rolls around. Some focus on the outside, some on the interior, and others… know that they need help! With any restoration needs from mold, water, fire, or wind, do not hesitate to reach out to the team at G.W. Savage!

These are some great quotes from these individuals, which may spur an idea or two in you! Let us know…what’s on your ‘To-Do List’ at the start of summer?

1. “I like to pressure wash my house, trim the hedges, and have my AC unit serviced.”

2. “My top three things at this time of year are painting, pressure washing, and HVAC maintenance for the start of my AC unit.”

3. “I usually change all the screens and wash them for the doors. Oh and I pressure wash my house too.”

4. “We change all of the air filters, check our AC unit, and change the batteries in our smoke detectors.”

5. “I check the HVAC systems, mostly filters and condensation lines to make sure they are running freely. I also clean the gutters, get the law mower ready, and spray the yard for weeds.”

6. “The first thing I do at this time of year is mulch the flower beds.”