What To Do Until Help Arrives: Fire Damage

No one wants a house fire, but if you do encounter such a tragedy you need to be prepared! Here’s a few tips on what to do – and NOT to do – after a fire.

What To Do:

  1. If you do have to touch things, be sure to keep your hands clean. This way, you won’t further soil upholstery, walls, etc.
  2. In high traffic areas, place clean towels or old linens down (on rugs, carpet).
  3. Make sure electricity is off. Once it is safe, then empty freezer and refrigerator (to salvage food items) and prop those doors open.
  4. Use a petroleum jelly (or oil) to clean and protect chrome.
  5. Have houseplants? Wash them on both sides of leaves.
  6. Change  the HVAC filter (or filters) in the house.
  7. Place double layers of cheesecloth over air registers.

What NOT To Do:

  1. Do not wash walls or painted surfaces without contacting G.W. Savage first.
  2. Do not shampoo carpet or upholstery without contacting G.W. Savage first.
  3. Do not try to clean any electrical appliances without consulting an authorized repair professional.
  4. Do not consume any  food or beverages that may have been stored near the fire.
  5. Do not turn on ceiling fixtures as the wiring may be damaged (which would cause a larger issue).
  6. Do not wash your clothes on your own as improper cleaning may set smoke odor. Bring them to a dry cleaner!
  7. Don’t move things around! Doing so will cause soot particles to get embedded in upholstery or carpets.