Spring Time Tips for Homeowners

With spring comes spring cleaning — and sure, you’ll possibly be emptying closets, maybe cleaning out the garage, or even rearranging the basement.  Keep in mind though that there are a number of tasks to be done that can keep your home looking it’s best, and will save you effort and money over time!

1. Clean gutters and downspouts. Leaves, branches, and other debris find their way onto roofs and subsequently into gutters. It is important to control rainwater so that the gutters and downspouts are effectively moving water away from your home.

2. Check your roof. During the year roofs can really take a beating – especially if there are trees in close proximity. We suggest checking the flashing, waves, and soffits. You might consider running a hose and checking for leaks. This will also help you check that your gutters and downspouts are clear as well.

3. Siding. Use a pressure washer and clean any mold that may have started to grow. Inspect any exterior wood surfaces for signs of weathering, mold, or paint chipping.

4. Deck maintenance. Decks are often places of congregation during the spring and summer months so you want to be sure they are safe for all to enjoy. Check your deck (or porch/patio) for any deterioration or lose pieces. Decks open to the elements should be treated every 4 to 6 years depending on the amount of exposure to the elements.

5. Landscaping/Yard work. This might be obvious to everyone but what better time of year to get out and fix up the winter damage and manicure the yard for the remainder of spring and summer.

6. Septic. If you own a home that has a septic system, we suggest having it checked and serviced. If repairs are needed, they can be made early. This is far better than issues compounding, eventually leading to full system failure and having to replace the entire septic system which can be very costly.