Tips On How To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays

The holidays invite all sorts of fun activities. As one is sprucing up their home during the festive season, however, a keen eye should be kept in case of trip-ups, fire hazards and other safety snafus.  Extra caution and care should be taken to ensure extra security measures for everything from preventing robberies to preventing house fires. Cerebrating and decorating your home should be done with safety in mind to avoid ending up in the grim statistics of hazards during the holidays.

1. Choose A Safe Christmas Tree
Celebrate Christmas? You’ll no doubt use a Christmas tree to mark your celebration. Safety should be taken both in selecting a tree as well as decorating it. If the trees chosen are natural, a fresh and green one should be put into considerations. Needles from the fresh trees wont’ fall easily making it less dangerous for children and pets. Dry trees (especially those that are purchased pre-cut), can be a fire-hazard if and when old lights are strung around them. When placing the tree in the house, place it away from the fire place. In case of artificial Christmas trees, only make purchases of trees that are fire resistant.

2. Fire Safety
In recent years, thousands of fatalities and injuries have been reported from fire incidences that have happened around the holidays. Steps to diminish the odds of fire accidents should be taken. In homes, houses should be fitted with smoke detectors (with fresh batteries!) and fire extinguishers should be readily available. Every home with a chimney should have that checked and cleaned regularly. 

3. Lighting Safety
They not only pose as fire hazards but they can also cause electric shock. Ensure that you use safe lighting (wires aren’t tattered, torn), and only use lights that are approved and tested by an approved company going by proper standards. In cases where there are broken bulbs and cracked wires, the lights should be discarded and replaced. 

4. Kitchen Safety
During holidays, families spend most of their time cooking, baking, and prepping meals. For personal safety and fire hazards, caution should (as always) be taken into consideration and kept in mind. In any occasion there must be a fire extinguisher and one should know how to use it in case of emergency (and it’s location should be easily accessible). Prevention to fires should be observed when cooking using an oven or a deep fryer – keep the area around the heat clear, be cognizant of loose fitting clothing, and clean the appliance when complete.