Fall Homeowner Checklist

With fall officially here (both with September 22nd having come and gone, and that chill now in the air), we wanted to provide you with a seasonal checklist for your home.  This list is perfect for saving you money and keeping your home in top shape, all while being energy conscious. 

The Roof
– Check to see if your roof has any holes in it (no matter how big or small).
– Know that even minor damage can create major problems in the near future.
– Holes in the roof can lead to serious water damage. That water damage then can lead to mold (and potential health threats to your family)

Energy Conservation
– Update your house with energy saving doors and windows.
– Seal air leaks and cracks (to save money on heating and cooling bills).

– If your driveway has cracks or pits, now is the time to invest before damage increases.

Garage Door
– If your garage door is not working like it used to, consider replacing or repairing it for efficiency and safety.

Uninvited Pests
– Termites, mice, cockroaches, and other unwelcomed visitors may enter your home unexpectedly and wreak havoc.  Then, as winter comes around, these visitors will stay due to the cold.  Invest in effective pest control!

And remember – for the best in Fire, Wind, Water, and Mold Mitigation as well as Restoration Services – contact the team at G.W. Savage!