Quick Tips #1: Watch for Water Damage & Mold in Your Bathroom

Always make sure that your bathroom’s fan is in working order. The exhaust is a necessity when it comes to keeping the space at low humidity levels.  If the fan is broken, or there isn’t one, the area could potentially be damp and poorly ventilated, leading to water damage and mold.  Even with a fan, if the humidity in your bathroom is high then you quite you possibly could have a mold issue. Check for water on pipes in and around the bathroom – condensation is a tell-tale sign that there is mold, and potentially water damage, close by.  Sinks and cabinets are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture, but may be ignored by homeowners searching for signs of water damage or mold. Inspecting under sinks as well as within (and under) cabinets should be a regular maintenance item in your home.  Of course, if you discover a cracked or loose drain seal, replace it as soon as possible.

And, with any major water damage or mold issues, do not hesitate to reach out to the team here at GW Savage!