Spring Cleaning Insight & Advice

While it may not feel like it (yet), it is officially spring! Before you know the weather will warm, the flowers will bloom, and you’ll finally be able to shake your winter blues.  To really get yourself out of hibernation-mode, take the time to clean and organize your home and office space.  Freshening up your living and working spaces makes your work and life easier as you head further into 2017. Try these tips listed to get you started on improving your cleanliness, organization, and overall health!

  • Review and organize your work desk. Declutter old files, sorting out what you still need and tossing away what you’ll no longer need to keep on-hand.  Dust and wipe down the surface, removing anything that you no longer utilize. Cleaning the space where you work will allow for a much more productive working environment.
  • As with your work area, don’t forget to clear out your car as well! Thoroughly wash the exterior, give it (or bring it in for) any service it may need, checking the tires, fluids, and wipers. Throwing out any trash, vacuuming, and wiping down the interior will make for a healthier driving environment. And yes, healthier equals happier.
  • Deep clean your floors – both carpets and hard surfaces. You’ll be surprised how much wear and tear floors take on in the course of a year.
  • Remember that clearing out your attic, basement, or garage, doesn’t have to mean throwing things out or leaving them curbside for pickup! You can host a tag or yard sale, and there are certainly a number of online outlets where you can sell your unwanted items (such as eBay, Craigslist, and others).
  • Do the big chores and more troublesome spots first! By getting the toughest areas out of the way, the remainder of your cleaning will feel that much easier.