Get to Know the Team! Interview #1 with Douglas Ellwood

We have such a tremendous team here at GW Savage, and we want to showcase each of them over the next few weeks! One of our amazing employees is Douglas Ellwood. Check out his GW Savage ‘behind-the-scenes’ interview!

What is your role/position?

DE: Vice President

What are your duties within that role/position?

DE: I work with our estimators, project managers, marketing team, accounting, and administrative support staff to provide outstanding work and customer service on our projects.

What made you decide to come to work for GW Savage?

DE: I needed a change and thought G.W. Savage was a great fit.

What is your favorite thing about working for GW Savage?

DE: Getting to travel the State of Vermont and beyond to look at new projects. Our state is beautiful in all seasons.

With your career, what are you looking to accomplish in the next two years?

DE: Make G.W. Savage a better place to work for all the employees.

Outside of work, what is something you do for fun? A hobby?

DE: Explore the outside. That includes hiking, biking, boating and travel.

What is one unknown or fun fact about you?

DE: I was born in the South.

Thank you to Douglas for taking the time to answer and for allowing us to learn a bit more about him. Stay tuned for our next employee interview coming out very soon!