Winter is Coming! Here Are Our Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Winter’s return to Vermont is upon us, as many areas of the state have already been affected with some fall ‘snowliage’. With the colder temperatures come the responsibilities that home and businesses owners routinely pick up every season – shoveling snow, salting driveways, and clearing your car and roof after a large storm.  One task you cannot forget though is to prepare the piping in your space so that they do not freeze, burst, and cause a tremendous mess.

Remember: Preventing frozen pipes is much, much easier than cleaning and fixing the damage after they break. Prevent frozen pipes by following these five tips:

  • Be sure to insulate the pipes that run along outside walls, or in attics. These are areas will the space will most certainly be coldest.
  • Water supply lines in the garage? Keep your garage doors closed.
  • Leave kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to allow warmer air to circulate around any plumbing that may be behind them.
  • Leaving town? Plan to keep heat at 55 degrees F. (or even higher!).
  • During very cold nights, turn on your faucets allowing a trickle of water to run.

Do you have other tips for avoiding frozen pipes? Let us know in the comments section!