Wind, Rain, and Timber!

This is the time of year when hurricanes and other threatening storms brew out over the Atlantic before making landfall along the east coast and wreaking havoc.  Meteorologists, weather forecasters, and storm fanatics are already on watch… as a homeowner it’s time you went on alert as well.

An all-to-common occurrence during a major storm is when trees fall on your property, damaging your home, garage, or even your vehicle.  Especially if you have a home with trees in close proximity, you can never be too careful. Don’t cross your fingers and wish that the trees won’t fall, and don’t wait until the storm is on its way – be prepared! Here are 5 things to keep in mind for an incident like this:

  • Old and/or diseased trees are weakened and therefore can easily submit to flood waters and high winds. Remove (or have a professional remove) those trees prior to the storm.
  • If a tree falls on your home, first be sure that your family is safe. If anyone feels uncomfortable or unsafe within the home, potentially take precaution and leave.
  • Check for wires or power lines around your home, and have an understanding of their location. During or after a storm, take note…if the utilities are hanging, or have a tree tangled within them, call the authorities and the power company.
  • After the incident, do not wait to call your insurance company. Take pictures if you can, making sure to do so safely!
  • Contact G.W. Savage as soon as possible! We’ll work to close the opening in the roof, clean up any water or damage within the home, and coordinate the work to rebuild that area. Working professionally and quickly, it will be as though the incident never happened!

((Photo Cred: ABC News))