3 Things to Do When Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Fire

(1) Know that you do NOT have to navigate through the insurance process alone. We at G.W. Savage can walk with you step-by-step through the entire process. In fact, we are the preferred restoration contractor for just about every insurance carrier in the state of Vermont. We act as mediators, mentors, guides, advocates, and friends…getting the stressful situation completed in the most stress-free way possible.

(2) Mitigate further damage to your property by safely and responsibly taking the proper steps. Turn off your utilities, be sure that the fire (and smoldering) has completely stopped, board up any openings to prevent vandalism, and always keep one eye on the situation to be aware of any new issues that may arise. Worried about the costs to take these steps? Take notes of costs, and your insurance company will pay for these steps when you make your claim.

(3) File the claim as soon as you can. Every policy will require that you report your losses right away within a reasonable time frame. After contacting your agent, you’ll then submit a claim for proof of loss. This form will itemize your losses and list the approximate values of each item. And yes…be organized! Keep track of communications and conversations, and keep invoices, receipts, and permits filed in a safe place.  This way, when your insurance company requests something, the information will be at your fingertips.