Should You Call On A Professional for Mold Cleanup?

Have you determined that you have mold in your home? Maybe the mold is visible on a wall, or perhaps you can smell the odor of mold hidden somewhere within the structure. Once you’ve located the mold, the question then becomes – who should clean it? Will it be you, the homeowner, or should you call in professionals?

First, consider the size and quantity of the mold. Just a little bit collecting on your bathroom floor? That’s not all that concerning, as you can clean that with bleach and water. Be sure to wear gloves, and dress in long sleeves to protect your health. To further protect your body (especially if you’ve been feeling the affects of mold as a runny nose or scratchy throat), wear a respirator or a simple dust mask.

 The rule of thumb with mold problems is that if the issue covers less than 10 square feet, than you can handle the remediation yourself (if you choose to do so). Beyond that, call in an expert like G.W. Savage. We will work to stop the mold at it’s source.  With the best equipment and proven techniques, we can fully clean and decontaminate the problem area, then repair and restore any areas that were damaged from the remediation – it will be as if the mold never existed!