Focused Cleaning for the First Day of Summer

Welcome to the first day of summer! While today marks the longest day of the year, and most everyone will want to be outdoors as much as possible, this time of year gives homeowners an opportunity to focus on a few main areas of their home.  While the kids and pets are playing in the yard take the time to review your home’s cleanliness, inspect portions of it that may be deemed potentially hazardous, perform as much clean-up as you can, and call in the professionals for the areas that need the most work.  By doing a cleaning of the affected areas, you can limit the build up of mess and save yourself from a future, and much more intensive, cleaning.

  • First, take note of any and all ‘high-traffic’ areas, especially those at the entrances or in the more frequented rooms. Vacuum carpets and wipe down any tile or hardwood floors.  While this cleaning will collect a good amount of dust and dirt, allowing a professional cleaning service to perform the work will get deeper into the surfaces to cleanse any bacteria or allergens that may be lurking.
  • Second, check for the cleanliness of your furniture. Wipe down and vacuum your upholstery, furniture, and beds to clean up any dust, dust mites, and other allergens. If the material has a spill or a stain on it, check the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to applying any chemical treatment.
  • Lastly, by this time of year almost everyone has kicked their air-conditioning into a higher gear.  If your home has an HVAC unit (central air, etc), be sure that you clean out the system and it’s filters.  Not flushing and cleaning this system could lead to mold or even health issues such as watery eyes or a scratchy throat. The same goes for your window units – clean the filter to rid the unit of the dust and debris that has been collected on the coils.