What is the IICRC? A Quick Guide for Consumers

We are so very proud to be an IICRC-certified emergency restoration specialist, but people often wonder ‘What exactly does that mean?’ and ‘Who is the IICRC and why should I care?’. We’ve put together this quick guide so that you can gain the understanding that IICRC-certified companies and agencies provide you, the consumer, with professionalism, knowledge, and the highest quality of service.

What is the IICRC? >> The IICRC is an organization that develops certifications and standards for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries.  Much like a lawyer needs to pass the bar and then become a member of the American Bar Association, which proves a high level of competency and experience, an IICRC-certified business or individual is one who represents the most skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable of the cleaning, restoration, and inspection world.

There is an extremely thorough and demanding list of standards for both ethics and expertise that an IICRC-certified business must meet. The business must be honest and work with integrity and they must use technicians that have been formally trained and have passed all of the necessary tests.  The business must also be current on the latest news and changes within the industry.

The IICRC is THE authority on the main industry standards for cleaning, restoration, and remediation.  These standards, and in turn the reference guides that we utilize, are developed over many years and require the work and expertise of a number of experts and professionals in our field. 

So ultimately what does this mean for you, the consumer? When you need professional cleaning or restoration services, be sure to use an IICRC-certified technician like G.W. Savage…this will ensure that you are getting the BEST in the business!