Mold in Your Home: Smells, Signs, and Symptoms

Mold in your home can certainly pose a problem – for the house, your health, and yes, your wallet. By understanding and then discovering the signs of mold early, you can save yourself money, trouble, and even a trip to the doctor.
Think you might have mold in your house? Watch for these smells, signs, and symptoms that may indicate that you have a mold problem. And remember, if you find a ‘little’ mold that may very well mean that you have a much bigger mold problem somewhere else in the household.


You know that damp, pungent, mildew smell? That’s mold, hidden somewhere in your walls. If the smell worsens in a particular room, then you can almost be certain that mold is present somewhere in that area. Do you smell that odor when you turn on the heat? Or the air conditioning? That means that the mold could be within you HVAC system, wreaking havoc throughout your entire home in the summer or winter months.


– Seeing is Believing: There are times when people may see mold without realizing that they are looking at it. Homeowners will often have mold growing in places in their bathroom, but it may not look out of the ordinary to them so it will not register that it is potentially mold. Frequent areas for mold to spawn here are in the grout between tiles. People may also see the signs of mold, but may not do anything about it. Even with trace amounts of mold, it means that (1) there is enough moisture for mold to grow, and (2) that there is almost certainly more mold in the home.
– Is it Getting Hot in Here?: Humidity can lead to condensation. Condensation can lead to mold. A simple equation, but one that you definitely want to be aware of, especially as some molds can live simply off of humidity alone. Want to keep tabs on the humidity in your home? A simple solution is to purchase a humidity monitor.
– Plug That Leak: Areas of water leaks can also be areas of mild. Pipes in bathrooms, a crack in your roofing, even water permeating into your basement can all lead to mold problems, especially if left undetected for an extended period of time.


Problems with allergies? Chances are there may be mold present in your home. Most reactions to mold are sneezing, scratchy throat, sore and watery eyes, congestion, or even a runny nose. If you feel better when you leave your house, then the chances are even higher that the mold is also residing in your household!