Commercial Property Spring Cleaning (Good Practice Not Just for Your Home!)

Each year, as the temperature outside begins to warm, homeowners everywhere start to heat things up inside with the annual practice of spring cleaning. They wash and vacuum floors, junk broken objects, donate clothes that don’t fit ‘just right’ anymore – the whole home is polished top to bottom. As an office manager or commercial property owner, you should absolutely be taking the time to give your office space a thorough cleaning as well! We don’t mean simply rearranging the furniture, or removing some of the personal affects at your desk, we’re talking a deep top-to-bottom commercial space cleaning.

Your office’s appearance means a lot to your business – in many cases this space is the first impression that potential clients and customers will have of you, and you need to stand out! Don’t wait for an emergency to give your space a complete clean. In turn, you’ll have a great looking office, healthier and happier employees, and customers that know – if you take care of your space, that you’ll take care of them.

What to consider having professionally cleaned by certified cleaning technicians (aside from your normal janitorial services):

HVAC and Ductwork. Cleaning will ensure efficiency, reduce the potential for mold in the space, and will work to eliminate any odors.

Carpets. More than just spot removal, a thorough cleansing of your carpets will remove dirt, stains, and allergens that a typical vacuuming routine will miss.

Upholstery. Not only will the furniture look great after cleaning, but you’ll improve the both the health of your employees as well as the overall air quality. As with carpets, a deep clean will remove mildew, dust, allergens, and bacteria.

Drapes and Blinds. Cleaning (specifically dry cleaning) the window treatments will not only have them looking new, but will also remove any dust and grime that has built up over the months.

Looking to have your office or building professionally cleaned? Get in touch with us TODAY to schedule your spring cleaning!