Decontamination Services All Vermont Businesses Should Consider

In any business or facility, occupant safety is the first priority. But even with proper cleaning on a regular basis, there are some bacteria, viruses and fungi that can’t be eliminated by standard cleaning agents. Places like locker rooms, athletic facilities, communal bathrooms, and other areas where people are in close proximity to each other are breeding grounds for infection-causing organisms. Anywhere employees, residents or other building occupants live and work in close quarters is at an increased risk for spreading dangerous infections.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, drug-resistant staph infections kill more than 18,000 people per year in the United States, which exceeds the number of deaths caused by AIDS. (source)

But Vermont business owners and facilities managers have the opportunity to reduce the risk of people coming into contact with these potentially dangerous organisms. Regular cleaning of your facility is a good start, but to truly combat the disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi that hang out in communal places, periodic decontamination is needed.

Decontaminating with ASA-1000

Using the right cleaning agent is vital to any decontamination effort. We’re talking about disinfecting areas where people live, work or go to school, so it’s extremely important that the cleaning solution have a low toxicity and be safe for indoor use around humans and animals.

ASA-1000 is the industry standard cleaning solution for protecting against pathogens in workplaces and schools. When used on surfaces, in air ducts, in mechanical systems, etc. it has been proven effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

ASA-1000 has been proven effective at eradicating viruses (Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Bovine Coronavirus, Foot and Mouth Virus, Influenza, etc.), bacteria (Anthrax, E-coli, Pneumonia, C. diff, Tuberculosis, MRSA, Black Plague, etc.), and fungi (Aspergillus versicolor, Stachybotrys chatarum, etc.). With a low toxicity and 1000 times less corrosive than bleach, ASA-1000 is EPA registered as safe for indoor use and for use in HVAC systems. In fact, if you decide to decontaminate with ASA-1000, it is highly recommended that your HVAC system is cleaned as well. Using ASA-1000 without cleaning your HVAC system is counterproductive.

Other reasons Vermont businesses should consider decontamination services with ASA-1000:

  • There is a high assurance of building decontamination with restored indoor air quality.
  • The active ingredients Quaternary Ammonium Compound and Hydrogen Peroxide are paired with inert ingredients consisting of mostly water, creating a low-toxicity cleaning solution that is safe for people.
  • It is effective at controlling bacteria, viruses and fungi for up to 90 days.

Decontamination is, of course, important when something major happens, like a flood or a fire. But many people don’t realize how important proper decontamination is during the course of regular operations. Wherever people live and work together in close quarters, decontamination is an important part of the routine cleaning process.

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